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Uziukas Admin posted Sun at 13:40

Build Contest #7: Treehouse

Ripperroni Mod+ posted Jan 30, 17


Theme: Treehouse

Time: February 1st - March 1st

A few of you have been asking when the next build contest is. Well here it is! This theme is a treehouse! Submissions should not just be any little treehouse, go all out you have a month! Maybe even create your own custom tree for this, creativity is key and will be rewarded! I will be judging will possible opinions from other staff. Thanks to Sax for the art for the post!

- 100 Vote Points!
- $2000 Money!
- Chest of blocks by your choice (don't make it OP) !
- Fly boots
- Everlasting pride!
- Sexy forum tag

- You can't submit older builds than this post, they'll be disqualified.
- Staff members can't participate.
- This is a single person build contest, no teams.
- Be creative!

How do I submit my build?
- Find a place to build
- Sign up by posting the coordinates in this comment section

cwh_Dan finsihed- x 5271 y 53 z 10661
The_Space_Kitty Pew Pew
Acidic_Potato13 X: 2375.332 Y: 136.00000 Z: 4443.316


Neuro BOSSDev posted Jan 14, 17

SJcreeper Much amaze. Very excite.
Neuro BOSSDev More news on making barrels will be posted on forums + Discord very soonish
Tavitian How to craft the golden barrow?